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Friday, March 27, 2015

Front Entry Exterior Doors with Sidelights for Homes

Front entry exterior doors with sidelites can enhance the beauty of almost any entryway. Often sidelites are the perfect accent for an exterior door, complementing and highlighting your front entry door. We routinely build matching sidelites for front entry exterior doors on both homes and offices. At Doors By Decora, we can provide your custom sidelight for exterior doors in nearly any configuration. Our custom entry door sidelites are available with tempered insulated glass, leaded beveled or stained glass, or leaded glass insulated on both sides for energy efficiency. Our in-house glass studio is staffed by highly skilled and experienced glass artisans who are adept at designing beautiful leaded glass creations that make your custom sidelites unique. We have a number of standard designs, but we are always willing to work with our customers to create custom front entry sidelite designs that are tailored to a specific need. We can build you a beautiful front entry door with sidelights that are the perfect for your home or office.

Exterior sidelites, especially when there is a solid wood door in place, can provide more existing light in the foyer, expressing a feeling of openness and bathing the interior with warm, soft natural light. The notion of front entry exterior sidelites often conjures up the images of a plain vertical window. While it can be exactly that simple, if that is what the customer needs, it can also be so much more. Our front entry sidelites can be built full light or we can construct them with one or more raised panels. Our experienced staff of glass artisans work with our customers to design and build just the right front entry sidelite that is a perfect complement to our wood entry doors. If our customers want openness and light, but still maintain the need for privacy, we can provide various translucent glass textures that will fulfill that need. Well-designed exterior front entry door with sidelites can provide curb appeal and add value and beauty to any home. We can build the perfect front entry door with sidelites for your home or office with a near limitless degree of customization. Contact us to learn how we can take your design ideas and create the perfect front entry for your home.

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