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Friday, March 27, 2015

Church Stained Glass Windows

For centuries Custom Stained Glass Windows and Custom Wood Church Entry Doors have been some of the most beautiful architectural details on Churches.  These buildings are often massive works of craftsmanship, and their interior and exterior Entry Doors and Stained Glass have been no different. The Church Entry Door Collection and Church Stained Glass Window Collection, proudly offered by Doors by Decora, speaks to that history and remains steadfast in keeping the spirit of beautiful religious sanctuaries alive. 


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Many Church Stained Glass Window designs require some of the pieces of stained glass to be painted to create the design or effect required.  Painting on glass is done with powdered glass or metallic oxides and then the glass is fired in a kiln to make this paint an actual part of the glass.  Generally each color is painted on the glass and fired separately.  If you bring up the large picture of DbyD-7315 above you will see a window in which every piece of glass except for those in the cross has been painted.  Each leaf, grape and flower have painted details on them and all background pieces were painted to give a shading effect.  Look at the large picture of DbyD-7334, the "Baptism of Jesus", consists of many individual pieces of colored glass that required painting.  Without this painting you would not have facial features, hair, ripples in the water and a lot of other details. 
Many windows have only a painted "medallion" such as the one of St. Vincent de Paul in DbyD-7339.  These medallions are usually round and generally 12" or smaller and are a single piece of glass that has an entire scene painted on one piece of glass.  There is a "Life of Christ" series of paintings that have been used in church windows for hundreds of years as well as many religious symbols.  You can Click On our Church Painting Brochure (PDF) to display and/or print information about these paintings.    We can also custom paint any picture or scene that you may require such as the one in DbyD-7339.   
We also often paint "dedication plates" on windows where a window is given "In Memory of" or "In Honor of" someone.  Many churches find this to be an easy way to raise the money to pay for their church windows.
Many churches have their Stained Glass Windows built without any painting like DbyD-7311 and DbyD-7314 above.  We will be glad to work with you and your church to come up with a design to help accomplish your objective that falls within your budget.

Click to View and/or Print the Church Stained Glass  Brochure (PDF)


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